Julian Hunt


Defending Housing Act Prosecutions

I defend those landlords caught up in prosecutions involving Local Authorities. If you are being prosecuted for a breach of the Housing Act 2004 in the magistrates or Crown Court by a Local Authority or Council then please do contact me for advice direct from a barrister.

I am used to dealing with Local Authorities and fighting these cases to trial if there is a case. I know that Local Authorities can take a very heavy handed approach to breaches of Housing Act law when prosecuting in the criminal courts and I can assist you in vindicating your rights or at the very least ensuring that you receive the lowest possible sentence.

The ramifications of prosecutions are immense. I have represented landlords being prosecuted for breaching the law relating to Houses in Multiple Occupancy. These landlord and their agents face:

  1. Criminal convictions.
  2. Being unable to register a house as an HMO in that London borough.
  3. Possible orders for payment of rent back to tenants.
  4. Extremely large unlimited fines and costs orders.
  5. The draconian process of a hearing under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

As a barrister my services are highly cost effective and I am the only person that you will deal with. I understand the law relating to what properties are and are not Housing in Multiple Occupancy and the law relating to when it is appropriate to prosecute.  You do not need to go to a solicitor for these types of cases but can, in the appropriate case, come to a barrister.

Often landlords will also be prosecuted for breaches of the law relating to gas checks and other important regulatory breaches. Come to me direct to discover if you have a defence.

I defend in London and the South East but will, if necessary, travel further afield. I always like an initial face to face meeting to go through the papers (which can be voluminous). I have represented businessmen and landlords accused of breaching Housing Act legislation especially through letting out rooms without registering the property as a House in Multiple Occupancy.

I always try to work with fixed fees. My rates are extremely competitive as I work alone as a barrister without the large overheads other lawyers incur.


Housing Act 2004 Prosecutions Questions To Consider

These are some typical questions to consider in Housing Act prosecutions: